Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update 11-6-2012

So it’s election day.

Wow it’s been a really long time since I posted on the blog. A full month even.

I bet several people here thought I just dropped off the face of the earth. Well I haven’t. I assure you I am not posting this via holonet access from a planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. No no, I’m a perfectly normal earth man with standard blog-o-sphere access.

Anyway, I took some time off to celebrate some family birthdays. Namely mine, my brother’s, my girlfriend’s, my girlfriends grandfather, etc. Lots of birthdays. Anyway some of you might think I haven’t been doing anything other than eating cake, and there was a lot of cake, but I have been making some new things for us all to enjoy.

So I thought I’d show case several items I’ve been working on.

First up, Weapons.

All our armies need the latest cutting edge weapons to devastate their tiny plastic and metal enemies. So I’ve been working nonstop in my quest for the perfect selection of immense fire power and intimidating futuristic design.

You may recall the initial unveiling of my gyrojet range of weapons. These items continue the design motifs of those weapons and can be said to be contemporaneous to them showing a clear design connection. This design connection is intended to convey a mass produced feel which implies the weapons universally availability to far future armies.

These weapons will begin appearing in my shapeways store shortly as the holidays approach.

Plasma Weapons
Plasma weapons are extremely common weapons within most science fiction settings and some game companies have set them up to be the next big gimmick in their games. Plasma weapons fire super heated matter that has been compressed and then excited until it converts from its natural state as a solid, liquid, or gas to the destructive plasma state. Plasma is massively hot and generally tends to flow like a gas or liquid when under pressure but at the same time conducts like electricity. Because of this plasma can be quite volatile to both tissue and electronics.

Plasma Pistol: note the specialized pressure valves the barrel

Plasma Rifle: due to the incredible pressures in the plasma chamber electro magnetic containment is used to keep the weapon from vaporizing.

Plasma Canon: the man portable plasma canon, seen here uses an incredibly large power cell and boasts a sophisticated fire control unit used for both targeting the weapon and controlling the weapon's internal temperature.

Laser Weapons
Lasers are a mainstay of science fiction weaponry. You can find them in practically any movie or TV series set in space. Humanity hasn't quite mastered weaponized lasers yet but one day we might. Today we are stuck with really powerful laser pointers but compressed light has devastating potentials. These designs use complex focusing and spectrum compression techniques to make powerful focused beam laser weapons capable of melting through armor and searing flesh from bone.

Laser Pistol: a standard laser pistol side arm. Note the universal power supply control and surge protection mechanisms mounted on the side of the weapon's body. These standardized parts make fabrication of weaponry quick and cheap by imperial standards.

Laser Rifle: Standard laser rifles are a carbine type weapon often used in both ranged and close combat. Seen here a standard laser rifle has been fitted with a universal targeter and a thermal bayonet.

Laser Sniper Rifle: Given no intervening objects to scatter it light will travel infinite distance. For this reason Laser weapons make excellent sniper rifles. Not the extremely long focusing mechanisms on the body and large cooling vents down the barrel.

Laser Canon: Lasers with sufficient power can be severely devastating to vehicles, melting armor and boiling occupants alive. Here we see a man portable laser canon mounted on a tripod. Its integrated combat shield protect the operator from enemy fire. Note the dual grip firing mechanisms used universally on both vehicle mounted and man portable heavy weapons minimizing operator training.

Thermal Lasers Weapons
A theorized weapon type thermal lasers use non-visible light spectrum in their operations. While standard lasers rely on the focus of the entire spectrum of light thermal lasers reflect light off of select subatomic particles. This generates a high degree of refraction to produce low spectrum light waves or Infra Red light. The result is a wave of intense thermal energy that boils the air along the firing trajectory. Though short range, thermal lasers can instantly burn flesh to cinders and cause reactive polymer armor to run like water. Their design requires constant coolant flow to manage effectively as excessive heat will result in weapon failure otherwise.

Thermal Laser Pistol: the smallest and most compact variant of thermal laser these weapons have a necessarily short range as a trade off for their compact size.

Thermal Laser Rifle: a variant on the assault rifle frame is used to mount the internal workings of the weapon. Thermal lasers are often made not of metals but high temperature ceramic polymers to protect the operator. Note the coolant tank and prominent thermal exhaust ports along the body's sides.

Thermal Laser Canon: These dual barreled canons use larger light emiters and more refined microparticles to generate a more powerful bast. Here we see a thermal laser canon mounted in a heavy weapon sling. Design for being carried by heavy weapons experts the canon's ungainly size and weight can be mitigated by a gravity sling, pictured.

Infrasonic WeaponsOnly experimental at our technology level infrasonic weapons are believed to be a possible semi-lethal weapon for future deployment. The utilize a focused resonance chamber that can generate and project sonic vibrations through out multiple frequency levels. Sonic vibrations, properly tuned, could break apart a structure at the atomic level or simply cause extreme vertigo incapacitating a subject. Certain game systems use sonic weaponry as a weapon of terror but properly applied scientific reasoning could see them as infantry weapons to be reckoned with.

Infrasonic Pistol: Infrasonic weapons have intricate resonance champers with multiple vibration systems to cancel out external noise and focus desired frequencies through its emitter dish. Due to its large emitter dish infrasonic weapons can't mount traditional weapon options such as scopes or bayonets on their rail or under-barrel.

Infrasonic Rifle: The appearance of an infrasonic weapon is often ungainly with its complex resonance chamber at the front of the weapon. Military experts have taken great care to balance the weapon for optimal use in combat. Note the frequency tuner box mounted on the side of the weapon, with it pitch, gain, and frequency can be controlled to tune the weapon for its most potent effect.

Infrasonic Canon: A colossal weapon the infrasonic canon's resonance chamber takes up a full half of the weapon's design. This allows it to reach sonic pitches far in excess of human hearing. A single blast will often be all it takes to shatter tank armor like glass. Note the sonic wavelength sensor mounted just behind the emitter dish, this sophisticated tool can act not just as a tuner for the weapon but also as a detect and convey sound from hundreds of yards away.

Gyrojet Weapons
Gyrojet weapons fire micro missiles which can deliver explosive payloads or traditional slug rounds. I introduced the primary gyrojet weapons in a previous post. However I've devised a few additional designs which I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

Battle Canon: The battle canon is a dedicated heavy weapon that fires high caliber, caseless, jet propelled rounds at incredible speed. Instead of the traditional .50 caliber rounds the battle cannon uses .92 caliber rounds delivered at devastating speed. Its intricate recoil dampener prevents the weapon from knocking the user back when fired but even so it is limited to burst fire when not vehicle mounted. Recommended to use a gravity sling when operating as a carried weapon.

Gatline Canon: With gatline canons the name of the game is rapid fire. Using a tri-barrel rotary system to mitigate weapon heating and barrel stress the weapon delivers fire quickly though not always accurately. The weapon's intricate motor drive is not always suitable for field deployment but it can function as a heavy weapon in heavy armor units. However its most commonly mounted singularly, or in pairs, on support vehicles where its high rate of fire can be an asset while suppressing enemies during debarkation.

Future Weapon Plans
Flame Throwers, Grenade Launchers, Shotguns, Rail Guns, Magnetic Accelerator Guns, Pintle , Mounting, Sponson Mounting, Base Mounting, etc.

Next time i'll be looking at vehicles...

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