Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have posted several repaired models that had previously failed.

The protoss and Claptrap's chief among them. I'm slowly working through weapons to make them compliant with the new FD/FUD limitations.

Protoss squad
Claptrap squad
Halo Pistol
Halo Plasma Pistol
Advanced Rifle
Advanced Intrasonic Rifle
Advanced Infrasonic Pistol
Advanced Ingrasonic Cannon

To be repaired
Advanced Thermal Laser variants.

I have approximately 200 weapons many of which were designed for the old FD design rules where wire thickness was allowed to be lower.  I'm considering redesigning all my weapons with standard handles for better printing.

Monday, October 28, 2013

More Notices

It has again come to my attention that apparently some materials that I have intentionally disabled have arbitrarily been re-enabled by Shapeways.  This is specifically problematic with WSF and its relatives as it has apparently been enabled on many of my products. Another thing I need to fix eventually.

Also apparently the model update tool is not working correctly at present so to repair models i have to upload entirely new copies.

Shapeways is getting to be a headache.  The change in modeling rules is frustrating but somewhat necessary to insure they make "quality" products. of course quality here is relative because the increased model limitations are starting to make FD/FUD essentially the same design wise as WSF which was a shitty product to begin with. And since this type of printing generally abolishes tiny detail it can't really compete with finished production casting anyway.  Still I can tolerate that to some degree.  But webpages just not working is another story.

I spend hours modifying a model. Running it through magics to seal it.  running it through netfabb to compare it to design rules (always seem to miss something).  then try to upload it only to not have the update button work so then have to use the new upload function, and waste even more time resetting parameters in shapways.

I'm just frustrated.  Shapeways support is looking into both the issue of materials turning themselves on and the issue of the update page not working. Hopefully its resolved quickly.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick Notice

Firstly everyone forgive me regarding how long its been since I have updated this blog or added content to my Shapeways shop. I'm presently planning my wedding for December of this year. It's a fantastic and happy occasion but it leaves little time for modeling or other projects.  I appreciate all the email requests and best wishes I've gotten as well as everyone's patience.

The main reason for this post however is that it has come to my attention that Shapeway's hasn't been able to send correspondence to one of my email accounts for approximately two to three months.  This means I haven't gotten failure to print notices for objects ordered for that entire time.  If people have anything they have ordered that failed send me an email or private massage and I'll try to fix it.

In case people wonder, failures are happening because Shapeways has been adjusting the print rules for Frosted Detail and Frosted Ultra Detail to insure better print ability. In the long run the new print restrictions will eventually lead to more consistent and successful print of higher quality in FD/FUD. In the short run the results basically mean that thin wires now have a minimum of .8mm to print better at 1mm (same as WSF).  Since most of my wires have been made at .75 its just bellow print-ability and for safety some heavy beefing up is needed.

I'm slowly fixing things as I get time. with 650 products this will take a while. My priority for repairs is things that have failed on ordering.

Please bare with me.

present errors I know of.

Claptrap (claptrap's antennae)
Protoss (energy blades failed)
Halo Pistol (trigger guard)
Advanced Sonic Rifle (presumably all sonic weapons as its the dish that caused the error)

Shapeways is getting me a further list of the messages I missed but I'll get on these ASAP.