Friday, January 11, 2013

New Project

There are times I find myself randomly deciding that it's time to do something new and different.  I've been reading a lot of books lately because of work and I had a chance to go back over one of my all time favorite books.  I'm referring to Starship Troopers by Heinlein.  The book is fantastic and thankfully very little like the crappy movies I remember from high school.  As far as I'm aware Heinlein is the source material that gave birth to all "Power Armored" troopers.  But as was pointed out by a friend at Wargames Factory, no one has actually made Heinlein inspired power armored soldiers.

Works like Warhammer 40k use the idea of Powered Armor to re-imagine the feudal European culture. They pay homage in some small way to heinleins work but lack the aesthetic of the original in favor of more byzantine sensibilities.  What's more, except for a few notable exceptions every miniatures company seems to be chasing after Games Workshop's flagship product.  As if they believe they can beat the market leader at their own game. But Games Workshop makes the rules of their game and changes them at will which means every company playing them against themselves is playing a losing game. Several companies out there have made their own games or their own miniatures but few depart drastically from the formula.

I'm not making my own game. I think we have enough of those out there already. But I have been making miniatures for a while and as I depart farther and farther from the Warhammer 40k aesthetic I hope people still find my works inspiring and entertaining.

This is perhaps my farthest departure to date.  They are a fusion somewhere between Heinleins Mobile Infantry and the common ideal of a power armored soldier.  The design is intended to be a further exploration of science fiction based equipment in 28mm scale.  It is in scale with the weapons i've designed including the Advanced Gyrojet line.  It has also been built to match parts with other 28mm minatures.

It's seen here entirely compiled into a figure but unposed.  The figure will be produced as a kit including torso, arms, legs, hands, backpack, and shoulder pads.  A complete figure minus weapons though I may include weapons as well depending on time and effort involved.


  1. This looks really cool. Is it all up now?

    1. everything but the backpack is up, i'm still working on the varients of it. I also need to revise the arm sprues, I mistakenly put more than 1 squad's worth on a sprue so they are outrageously priced. Bare in mind these are terminator scale minis so they aren't cheap to start but still cheaper than GW.