Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dalek Project

A gentleman on the BoLS community asked for some detail images of the 3d printed work so I thought I'd drag out a good example of the type of quality we are looking at.

I'd also like to say that the Dalek has been my most popular product. Owing in large part to how awesome the new series Daleks have proven to be.  I appreciate everyone who has ordered the Daleks and made them so popular and I'm sorry its taken so long to get pictures of the Daleks online so people can take a look.

The first several pictures are taken with a borrowed digital camera so they are quite large and detailed.  the last 3 are from my new iphone so forgive any blurriness.

Dalek Sprue, printed in Frosted Detail. Seen here after rinsing.  FD is mostly transparent.  You can see however on the larger surfaces the slight texture 3d printing leaves. In this material it resembles wood grain and gives the surface a tooth.

Second image of the sprue this time with better lighting.  the brown tinge to the bottom of the fender is a coconut oil residue left from printing, I didn't wash quite thoroughly enough.  This oil can cause issues with glueing and painting so its important to get it off. I recommend nice warm faucet and a soft brush.  FD's melting point is slightly lower than traditional plastic so don't go boiling it.  Simple Green also works to remove the residue if you soak it for a couple hours.

Assembled but unpainted. The camera had a terribly time focusing on the Daleks because they are transparent.  the yellow color is reflected light from my poor attempt at casting resin bases. I've mounted the Daleks on metal pins to raise them up like they are flying.

Primed with a White Army Painter primer and ready for painting.  Here we can see the detail of the actual printed Dalek. The printing has come out fantastic. The neck bin on the left Dalek hasn't been put on strait (my fault) but otherwise the fit on the Dalek bits is great. the ball joint on the limbs works well and you can barely make out the seam where the flight base plugs into the fender.

Another view of the primed Daleks. I've switched the Dalek's position so you can see oposite sides here.  With the change of sides and slight variation in lighting you can see that grain I was talking about.  Its gives a bit of a roughness to flat surfaces and rounds off the edges of corners.  The result isn't to bad and no worse than the tooth on old white metal miniatures or resin miniatures cast from older molds (looking at you Finecast).

Forgive me, this is where my iphone takes over.  Sorry, can only mooch off of a friends camera for so long.  Here we have the two Daleks painted. One is painted as Dalek Sec the other Dalek Thay, I always have trouble making Citadel metalics stick to pretty much anything but the bronze/gold finish turned out rather well even if it isn't a perfect coat (I still have brush strokes).  I've done a nice dry brush to make the detail on the miniature pop then dipped it in a mix of black paint and future floor polish.

Another view of the painted Daleks. This gives you a better look at the black painted Sec.  even with the black you can make out the detail on the model. You can also see my friend's hand. These are his Daleks and he is quite happy with them.  He intends to make a cult of Scaro for his office at work but I'm trying to get him to make a Dalek themed necron army.  Daleks... gateway drug to plastic crack addiction...

Vrooooommmmm....... Dalek Sec flying around.  35Kpr  (Kilometers Per Rel)

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