Sunday, December 9, 2012

General Update 12-9-12

It has been almost a month sense my last blog post. I’m honestly sorry I've slowed down my posting lately.  I think it’s mostly because I've been revising public projects rather than doing new ones.  Couple that with the commissions I've been doing being somewhat… well for lack of a better word secret and I haven’t had much to show.

But as I said I’m switching more to holiday mode.  And that means I've added a few new items people might enjoy to my gallery.

I don't have time to do screen captures at the moment but I encourage everyone to check them out.  You'll find several new weapon designs inspired by the Halo game series as well as a group of new shoulder pad designs with an aesthetic leaning more towards Chinese history than the european bent of other manufacturers.  I'd like feedback on the new oriental pads so take a look at the 3d view of the items and tell me your thoughts if you have the time.

I'm working on some new melee weapon designs that I was hopping to have uploaded this weekend but sadly that plan fell through due to some errors I caused in the blade designs.  I'm experimenting with some organic modeling tools that have introduced some errors. Once i get the modelling problems resolved I'll try and post a bit of a review / how to on using the organic tools I find helpful.  till then enjoy.

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  1. hey man, glad to hear you're doing new stuff!
    I've been looking for stuff to use in my new pre-heresy ultrasmurf army and decided to buy your gatlings as standins for the rotorcannons. really love your stuff and i'd be happy to help you get started with resin molds if you're looking for a quicker turnaround! Cheers /Rob