Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick update...

Just a quick update so everyone knows what's going on. 
I'm pulling all the errored models offline this week and will be releasing repaired versions next week.  I had hoped to get this done sooner but real life in the form of a holiday and the release of 6th edition has made this to time consuming to get done in a weekend like I wanted. 
All the Star Marine parts on shapeways have been deleted.  I removed torsos and legs at least.  I left the heads for now.   Backpacks are also being pulled this weekend so I can upload their replacements.
Once I've repaired the model designs I'll reupload a new entry for each one.  I will admit that part of the reason I'm deleting is to clear get the models listed on the new entries page again.  But i've never really been happy with their upload.  The models were uploaded a long time ago and have screwy entries.  the back story for the scythes was actually transfered to the model's repair history for a couple of models.  In the end I thought it was just a better idea to start the entries from scratch.
Also removed has been the heavy sheild models.  the 24mm sheilds are to large, i thought they would work but the test prints are way to big.  I know my spacial awareness is screwed up.  I'll be building a 15mm shield instead.  This will be usable for troops and the 18mm shield designed for terminators.  The 24mm shields will be revised removing the mount so they can be used as vehicle icons and game markers, maybe even bases to be honest.
Along with the removal of the damaged models and their relaunch later I will be retiring twp poses.  Standing 1 (at ease), and Running 2 (at charge).  These older poses weren't particularly good and the masters for the poses were lost so I can't improve them.  At a later date I might recreate them as part of my second female marine model designs.
There are a number of models that need repaired but this time i'm focusing entirely on those I broke during the shelling process.

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