Monday, July 9, 2012

Chapter Update

So I've had a couple questions regarding my dedication to making "every chapter"  so I thought I'd clarify.  What you see below is my "Icon's" working file. the icons visible are the icons I have yet to finish.  Something like 40 icons 30 of them or so are official chapter icons.  On the right is my layers pallet which displays the individual layers for my chapter icons.  At present this file has 198 layers, each one is a single chapter icon ready to be made into shoulder pad.  90% of these are official chapters, either loyalist or traitors, that I've found icons for online.  The other 10% are designs I found interest such as a coffee cup wifi icon I thought would be hilarious on a unit. Common guys, Java marines is awesome.  Anyway.  Each of these icons can be applied to my shoulder pad template which bends the icon in 2 directions (horizontally and vertically) so it matches the shoulder pad shape.  Then I do clean up and a shoulder pad is born.  At present i have 6 shoulder pad templates, 1 for preheresy (without a rim), 1 for post heresy (rimmed), standard terminator, heroic scale (over sized termi), and recently a Pre and Post heresy female pad design.  Unless requested i'm only doing my personal designs as female pads so that means each of those 200 icons will turn into a minimum of 4 pads some icons will get 6.  The traitor legions will also begetting a loyal pad set and an "evil" pad set which include the chaos star.  Chapters such as the Astral Claws will be getting their loyal icons and their evil icons as well.  Eventually the 40 icons here will be completed and I'll start actually making them into shoulder pads.  This will most likely occur sometime over the next week.

Oh and for those diligent enough to read the tabs i have open, yes i'm making a titan.

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