Monday, July 30, 2012

Completed So Far

Ok so  let’s talk progress.  Here we have some screen grabs of my first set of completed shoulder pads.  Of course you don’t see every variant of each chapter’s shoulder pads but it’s enough so you can see the icon and get an impression for the design. These shoulder pads will be completed as 10 piece sets and uploaded later this week. Just for our edification I'm going to add a list of chapters here with the images as I finish them.  these 49 icons represent icons I could find between letters A and B.  If you have any icons for the missing chapters I list here please drop me a line with an image to base a shoulder pad on.  Likewise if you have a custom icon you'd like to see here send me an image.  Images should be flat colors without gradients, preferably in a Vector format for simplicity but other formats can be recreated it will just take longer.  I severely doubt it but I might have missed a chapter in this list. If I have please remind me.  thanks.

Absolvers (missing icon)
Adharon's Reavers (missing icon)
Adulators (missing icon)
Adeptus Arbites (Rogue Trader) = AA Future Police

Adeptus Arbites (3rd Ed) = AA Future Judge
 Alpha Legion (Rogue Trader) (1st Batch)
Alpha Legion (Heresy Era) (1st Batch)
Alpha Legion (Post-Heresy) (need simpler design)
Angels Encarmine (variant 1) = Seraphim Chrimson 01a

Angels Encarmine (varient 2) Seraphim Chrimson 02a
Angels Eradicant (missing icon)

Angels of Absolution = Seraphim Forgiveness
Angels of Damnation (missing icon)

Angels of Destiny (custom) = Angels of Destiny

Angels of Ecstasy = Seraphim of Pleasure

Angels of Fire = Seraphim Ignited

Angels of Flame (custom) = Seraphim Blaze

Angels of Fury (Official?) = Seraphim Rage

Angels of Iron (Official?) = Seraphim Keys
Angels of Penance (missing icon)
Angels of Purgatory (missing icon)

Angels of Redemption (variant 1) = Seraphim Apology 02a

Angels of Redemption (variant 2) = Seraphim Apology 01a
Angels of Repentance (missing icon)
Angels of Retribution (missing icon)

angels of vengeance = Seraphim Reprisal

angels of vigilance = Seraphim Watch
Angels penitent (missing icon)

Angels Porphyr = Seraphim Bonfire
Angels Redeemed (missing icon)
Angels Resplendent (missing icon)
Angels Revenant (missing Icon)

Angels Sanguine = Seraphim Bloody

Angels Vermillion = Seraphim Red

Apocalypse Company / Bleak Brotherhood (dual icon) = Ragnarock Inc
Apostles of Contagion (missing icon)

Apostles of Minthros = Evil Skulls

Aquilla (variant 2) = Dual Eagle 02a

Aquilla (variant 3) = Dual Eagle 03a

Aquilla (variant 4) = Dual Eagle 04a

Aquilla (fire variant 1) = Burning Dual Eagle

Assassins Creed Icon (custom) = Assassin's Creed

Astral Claws (renegade) = Ghost Nails Evil

Astral Claws (loyalist) = Ghost Nails
Astral Fists (missing icon)
Astral knights (missing icon)
Aurora Chapter (1st batch)
Avengers Chapter (missing icon)

Avenging Sons (done before but redone again) = Average Kids
Beasts of Annihilation (missing icon)

Beautiful Noise (custom, female slaneshi pads) = Beautiful Noise
Benedictors (missing icon)

Berserkers of Kharadron (see skulltakers) = Cranium Steelers
Berserkers of Skallathrax (Missing icon)

Betrayers of Pain = Pain Tenders
Black Brethren of Ayreas (missing icon)

Black Claws (same as black talons) = Black Nails
Black Consuls (same as white consuls) = Black Birds

Black Dragons (Variant 1) = Black Wyrms 01a

Black Dragons (Variant 2) = Black Wyrms 02a
Black Guard (missing icon)
Black Inculpators (missing icon, also stupid name)
Black Legion (see Sons of Horus)
Black Talons (see black claws) = Black Nails

Black Templars = Black Crosses

Black Wings = Black Pinions
Bleak Brotherhood (see apocalypse company)

Blood Angels (variant 7) = Claret Angels
Blood Disciples (Missing icon, possibly no icon)

Blood Drinkers = Blood Tasters

Blood Drops (custom) = Blood Drops
Blood Gorgons (missing icon)
Blood Ravens (1st wave) = 

Blood Swords = Blood Blades

Bloody Hands (custom) = Blood hands

Brazen Claws = Brass Nails

Brazen Minotaurs (rogue trader, not to be confused with forgeworld minotaurs they are different chapters) = Brass Bulls

Brazen Skulls (custom) = Brass Skulls
Brothers of Darkness (missing icon)

Brotherhood of a thousand = Brother M
Brotherhood of blood (missing icon)
Brotherhood of darkness (no icon)
Brotherhood of souls (kickass name that's not taken)
Brothers Penitent

Descenders (custom, variant 1) = Descenders 01a

Descenders (custom, variant 2) = Descenders 02a

Fast Attack icon (custom, I believe this is actually a dusk riders icon from back in the day) = Fast Attack

Marksman (custom, couldn't resist a target on the marines considering calling this "red shirts"
Skulltakers (out of order) = Cranium Stealers

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