Thursday, August 9, 2012

And they're up!.

It took me a longtime but I got the shoulder pads A through B up on shapeways.  If anyone ever tells you its quick and easy to get 300 files uploaded to a shapeways tell them no.  Further I advise everyone to go to and vote to endorse the suggestions for Bulk upload and Bulk file editing tools.  That is if you want your shoulder pads faster :P.

Anyway, A-B are up.  It is important to note that due to my limited internet time I opted to upload the files, set their markup and purchase ability but not add them to my gallery, shop sections, or add key words and descriptions. I'll go back and do this when I'm out of inspiration one day.  Till then do a slow browse through the pages or a quick search for the chapter you're looking for. My update post from before has a full list of the chapters and the modified name I uploaded them under.

C-D are next on my shoulder pads list but I'll be taking a short jump from shoulder pads to do some file repair and upload some weapons and items I'd been doing before the shoulder pads but haven't had a chance to upload yet.

I have also had a request for specific company shoulders for Space Wolves. While I have done a lot of icons already I was quite happy to be pointed to the 2nd edition company icons so I could add them to the list.  Again if anyone has any requests let me know and I'll be happy to add them to the "To Be Done" pile.

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