Friday, August 24, 2012

New-ish project update 8-23-2012

Well my posts have been pretty depressing lately.  With Games Workshop's legal division bringing the iphammer down I haven't really had a lot of good things to talk about.  Beyond that i've got a lot of stuff going on at work and a brief personal trip I'm making this weekend.  All that means I haven't had a lot of time to digest the situation. I have no doubt that that's the reason behind the GW Legal team's methods with charging individauls with IP infringment.

I took some time this afternoon to remove some of the models they claim are infringing from my shapeways store.  These included some of the gyrojets, thermal lasers, laser cannons, etc.  It totaled something like 15 to 20 models.  I only had about an hour with internet so I didn't end up getting much accomplished in the way of removing items.

I had much more time without internet to work on personal projects.  With the issues with GW's legal team I didn't want to work on my usual stuff.  Its all pretty heavily tied to 40k even the extremely unique designs are really ment to work with the 40k game.  So I didn't want to work on them.  I needed something... different to clear my emotial pipes as it were.

So I dusted off Steven.  You probably don't know steven.  I give all my models names, if you are the observent type you might have noticed the name in the file title.  Not the item title but at the bottom where it lists the file name and version. 

Anyway, Steven is the first model I uploaded to shapeways. Back in 2010 I built steven, registered for shapeways, and uploaded him with a foolish dream in my heart about how awesome he would be.  Of course he wouldn't print.  I rebuilt him a dozen times and Steven still failed over and over.
I tossed Steven to the wind and instead worked on my technofists. Technofists being giant gloves which look significantely different than power fists in 40k.  (note that just in case I'll still be revising them). Yay Paranoia... Anyway. I left Steven alone for a while and came back after my Techno-fists properly printed.

The theory of my design skills sufficiently proven with a tiny 3d printed glove I returned to my first love Steven... Wow that did not sound hetero... Anyway. I revised Steven.  And it failed.

At this point I was quite pissed.  So I stubbornly took most of june and revised Steven a dozen more times.  Specifically, exactly, 15 times.  And it finally printed properly.

I ordered it in WSF and painted it when it arrived.

So thats the story of how I got a little Steven to sit on my desk at work.

Oh wait did I forget to mention Steven is a Dalek? That totally makes the anecdote better. Steven's totally a Dalek.

So yeah, this is Steven.  He's a 2 year old Kaled mutant in a mark 16 travel machine from the time war era.  He stands a strapping 34mm tall and has been thinned to a 1mm thickness making him viable in WD, WSF, and FD/FUD.  In spite of his horrible drivers liscence photo I asure you he has arms.  He recently had his travel machine retrofitted.  Its a totally pimped ride now, note the greater detailing on the dome and the extensive mesh ribbing along the neck.  Not shown is its boss under cariage with a full on Elevation system for long flights in the moonlight.  Steven's favorite colors are black and a nice metalic bronze that brings out the blue in his eye.  He's been known to spout witty catch phrases when startled so be gentle with his heart ladies.  I know he's just your type right?  Well taking Steven home isn't going to be easy!.  While Steven's more than happy with the idea I have to talk to his parents at the British Broadcasting Service and Character Options before I can let him sell his body to you. But don't worry I already sent a request. Till then for more inquires into Steven or his big brother Ted, his cousin Uennis, and his bitchy parents Valarie and Wilfred shoot me an email at

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