Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quick note, I am WOIAH.

Just letting people know, due to a dispute with the ISP I am Without Internet At Home until the other ISP installs a new connection at the end of the week.  So all my uploads, emails, and blog posts will be made while on break at work.

And for the record if you have CenturyLink as your ISP provider I will pray for your soul.  I was literally 4 blocks from the CenturyLink dispatch and couldn't get faster than dialup speed in an american city of 2.8 million.  I got better speeds and stability when I lived on a farm in the middle of bumb fuck nowhere.  Sigh.  Sometime Friday Comcast will install a new phone jack and replace my CenturyLink dsl modem.  Once complete I'll throw myself into uploading my projects to shapeways.

Also quick update on some errors i've found.

The Advanced gyrojet designed for squad support has a flaw making it unprintable. To save cost i hollowed the box magazine (saves almost a 1.50 in FD) however this was before shapeways adopted the two drain holes requirement.  As such the single drain hole causes it to fail.  I have a repaired version of the model I'll be uploading ASAP.

The XV25 Stealth Suit models are miss scaled.  Specifically the XV25 should stand 37mm tall once completed and stands 32mm. I believe this is an error introduced when transferring my model from sketchup to Magics to shell the model.  I'm redoing the model to remove shelling both to avoid this issue and so it will print completely transparent in FD/FUD.

Likewise the XV15 suit is miss scaled. In this case it stands 31mm tall assembled while it should stand 34mm tall.  I'll also be redoing this figure in the same manner as above.

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