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Shoulder Pads Update 10-5-2012

So it's been a while since I gave an update on shoulder pads.  As you may know Games Workshop has given me an infringement notice regarding my shoulder pad designs. As a result these and my past shoulder pad designs will not be included in my public gallery on shapeways. Though I have no evidence that I am actually inviolation of any intellectual property owned by Games Workshop I am complying with their demands.

Then why am I doing them? well mostly because I firmly believe they need to be done.  No one has done them so I want to do them.  Further, if you've been following the GW vs Chapterhousestudios lawsuit you may also be aware that CHS has argued that the design of the shoulder pads and most if not all the icons involved are not protected under copyright or trademark law.  If true one day I might be able to share these designs publicly again.  More over, it's also a challenge I set for myself, and though I can't list them in my public gallery I can still test my skills by meeting this challenge head on.

Its also been called to my attention that most of the shoulder pads I've done are "left hand" shoulder pads.  I really hadn't noticed this, if an icon on the shoulder pads is reversed let me know and I'll try and correct it when I get a chance. I believe most of the issue arises from the fact that its hard to determine right or left in a 3d software.

Please send Inquires about my projects, requests for commissions, and questions or comments to me on or as comments on my blog or to my email  I may not respond immediately but I do my best to get a hold of people.


Black Legion


Celestial Lions

Chaos 1 - Aztec pattern (custom icon)

Chaos 2 - Wheel of chaos

Chaos 3 - star of chaos

Chaos 4 - cross of chaos

Chaos 5 - vortex of choas (custom icon)

Chaos 6- Hindi pattern (custom icon)

Charnel Guard - no icon

Children of Purgatos - no icon

Circles (custom icon)

Claws of Lorek - no icon

Cleaved, The - no icon

Clouds 1 (custom icon)

Clouds 2 (custom icon)

Comet 1  (custom icon)

Company of Misery

Company of the Shadow - no icon


Contenders - no icon

Crimson Fists

Crimson Guard

Crimson Paladins - no icon

Crusaders - no icon

Cybran - from video game (I forget which one)


The Damned Company of Lord Caustos - no icon

Dark Angels

Dark Crusaders - no icon

Dark Eagles

Dark Hands

Dark Hunters

Dark Sons

Dark Tusks - no icon (would look awesome with 

Dark Watchers (custom icon) the evil eye

Death Eagles

Death Falcons - no icon

Death Guard 1

Death Guard 2

Death Knights

Death Shadows - no icon

Death Spectres

Death Strike

Deathmongers - no icon

Deathwatch - notice the 3 bars... I am so fucking tired of all inquisitorial pads having 3 bars, only deathwatch should have 3 bars, ordo xenos only, demon hunters are 2, witch hunters are 1 all other orders used the I with a different symbol if they used it at all, I wish they'd kept the old fluff regarding the inquisition it made sense and was entertaining.

Desert Lions  -  (custom icon)

Destroyers - no icon

Dictators - no icon

Disciples of Caliban

Disciples of Destruction - no icon

Diving Eagles -  (custom icon)

Doom Eagles

Doom Legion

Doom Warriors

Doves - (custom icon) this seemed cooler before I actually did it...

Dragon Lords - no icon - I had an idea for this using the mortal kombat icon

Dragon Warriors - no icon

Dusk Riders


Eagle Warriors (as dark eagles)- just a stupid wing, same as the wings on the blood angels icons.

Emperor's Children

Emperor's Children (evil) - its got the slaanesh icon behind it but you can barely make it out, might redo this on eventually.

Emperor's Hands (as dark hands) - a spiked gauntlet, this one is on several chapter badges sadly.

Emperor's Hawks - also used as part of a dark angels successor badge.

Emperor's Shadows - no icon - cool name...

Emperor's Spears - a trident is not a spear...

Emperor's Storm - no icon - tried to make a cloud raining spears of lightning but it looked too chaosy so i dropped it, might do a custom icon later.

Emperor's Swords - no icon - i'm amazed the generic sword icon hasn't just shown up a thousand times here.

Emperor's Warbringers - I believe this is the same as the sable swords and the white swords chapters

Emperor's Wolves - no icon - we really need another loyalist wolf chapter that badly?

Empire of Decay (custom icon/chapter) the icon is an altered version of the "raptors" sports team icon.

Espandors - no icon

Excoriators - no icon

Excubants - no icon

Execrators - no icon


Exemplars - no icon

Exorcists - for some reason i'd prefer this as an actual relief than as this flat die-cut design.

Extinction Angels (custom icon)


Fallen Angels 1 (evil dark angels)

Fallen Angels 2 (evil dark angels)

Fallen Angels 3 (evil dark angels)

Fire Angels (as avenging sons) did this one a long while ago, i'll add images when I get a chance

Fire Birds (custom icon) fire bird car logo

Fire Claws (Relictors) - no icon though relictors have an icon

Fire Hawks (Legion of the Damned) - I did this icon but can't find it in my master because I think i miss named it... I'll redo it later...

Fire Lords

Fire Reavers - no icon

Flag Bearers (custom icon) CTF inspired icon

Flame Eagles

Flame Falcons - no icon

Flawless Host, The

Flesh Eaters

Flesh Tearers (i'm missing this icon, i know I had made it but I can't find it so I'll start here with my next set).


Marines Errant

Nurgle - evil death guard

Red Lions (custom icon) red lion hotel icon


3rd Legion

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